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Get ready for an im-paws-ible amount of cuteness, because March 23rd is National Puppy Day! And what better way to celebrate here at Courtney’s Corner, than with a list of the most adorable fictional puppies that have melted our hearts over the years? For today’s blog post, I will do exactly that. Let’s talk about pawsome pups from movies and TV shows.

Because it’s National Puppy Day, I haven’t included any of the incredible adult dogs from our screens, like Toto, Lassie, or Old Yeller. We don’t actually see these dogs (to my knowledge) as puppies on our screen. Of course, they would have once been puppies, but I’m focusing on pups you can actually watch on your screen if you wanted! So, when I say puppies, for the purposes of this blog post, I mean the really young furbabies.

There’s just something about dogs when they are small that makes us go “aww!” The smallest pup in the world was actually recorded by the Guinness World Book of Records to reach a tiny 3.8 inches as an adult. Although most pups aren’t as small as Milly the pint-sized Chihuahua, pups are generally quite small. And like human newborns, they can sleep for 15-20 hours a day. As anyone with a pup knows, they are also great listeners! 

With that being said, let’s dive straight into the list of fictional puppies that melt our hearts. 

  1. Bolt 

Bolt is the titular puppy from the 2008 movie Bolt. He is a white shepherd adopted by a girl named Penny, and is raised to believe he has superpowers. So when his owner is kidnapped, he sees it as his mission to save her. If that wasn’t adorable enough, we are treated to the scene when Penny adopts Bolt. Inside a glass pen, the tiny Bolt plays with a toy carrot. When he sees Penny, he quickly gets distracted and starts chasing his own tail! This pup is a total cutie, and it is so adorable to see Penny choose him as her furry friend. 

  1. Ruffy, Fluffy, Scooter and Scamp

It might seem like I have named four pups in one (I have!) but bear with me. These adorable sounding pups are the kids of two iconic dogs… the Lady and the Tramp! Ruffy, Fluffy and Scooter look like their mom, Lady, and Scamp is a miniature version of Tramp. There is a two minute scene of them at the end of Disney’s 1955 Lady and the Tramp. It makes the movie a perfect watch for National Puppy Day, because you get the epic romance of Lady and Tramp, and then their happy ending with the pups at the end! 

  1. Rocco

Rocco is a pit bull from the 2014 movie The Drop. Thomas Hardy’s character finds this pup abandoned in a trash can, and it changes his life. He takes Rocco home and eventually adopts him. It is a reminder that there are still puppies who are mistreated and abandoned, but it is lovely to see this particular pup find a great new human dad.

  1. Oddball

It seems like it would be tricky to pick a favorite Dalmatian puppy out of the 101 Dalmatians. However, Oddball gets some extra screen time and has some pawsitively adorable traits, so she was easy to choose. Oddball is one of the puppies that never grows her spots. Dalmatian pups are born entirely white, and grow their black spots over time. In the sequel, 102 Dalmations, Oddball tries to add her spots herself with wet, black printer ink. If that doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will. 

  1. Puppy Paws

If anything will make you go “aww”, it is the mischievous puppy from the 2009 movie Santa Paws. Any inquisitive pup on screen is likely to lead to some kind of drama, and Puppy Paws certainly causes a fuss when he wishes that Christmas would go away! He’s a Great Pyrenees breed, and is the kind of pup that kids will absolutely fall in love with. 

  1. Scrappy Doo

Scrappy-Doo is the nephew of Scooby-Doo, and has a famous catchphrase of “lemme at ‘em!” He certainly lives up to his name, getting into lots of scraps and trouble with his iconic uncle, but is also the cutest little animated pooch. He has appeared in numerous series, live-action films and video games since 1979, but he will forever remain a puppy… even at over 40 years old! 

  1. Santa’s Little Helper

It is unlikely you haven’t heard of The Simpsons. It is a show that started in 1989, and has been running for 33 seasons. The adorable dog Santa’s Little Helper first appeared in an episode in 1989, when Homer bets on the race track around Christmastime and sees the dog’s name as a sign of good luck. Since then, we have had episodes where a puppy version of Santa’s Little Helper has appeared in flashbacks, and I could hardly forget to mention a pup that’s been on our screens for so long! 

  1. Wishbone

Wishbone is the titular pup from the show Wishbone. This is a slightly older one by all accounts, but you can’t argue with how heart-melting it is for a Jack Russell terrier who acts out characters in famous literature like ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Apparently, it is almost impossible to find this show anymore except on YouTube, but I wanted to include it for the pup’s wonderful on-screen adventures. 

What other fictional pups would you add to the list?


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Rebecca Holland is a writer from the UK. She’s an animal lover with a soft spot for purring cats, especially when she’s reading, and loves nothing more than a good book with animal companions. Check out some of Rebecca’s other work at VelvetOpus.com and connect with her on Instagram and Twitter.

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