Daenary's Dragons Dog Costume

–By Rebecca Holland, Guest Blogger

Animal companions are a key part of Halloween traditions. From black cats being depicted as witches’ familiars to humans choosing costumes that imitate animals, in particular animals like our own pet companions. Many animal costumes for humans are inspired by fiction, like dressing as a Dalmatian from Disney’s 101 Dalmations or a vague resemblance to one of these 9 iconic black cats in fiction.

If we can dress as our four-legged companions this Halloween, why not get our pets in on the fun and dress them up as someone too? And why not give them a fiction-inspired costume to boot? Here’s our roundup of the best fiction-inspired Halloween costumes for your beloved animal companions, and a few suggestions on how you can pair with them!

1. Sherlock Holmes

When it comes to solving the mystery of what costume you should dress your pet in for Halloween, it’s elementary. Show off how smart your pet is (or how smart they think they are) in a fetching deerstalker hat and matching cloak to give them a distinguished air as the genius detective Sherlock Holmes. You could even follow their every whim as Sherlock Holmes’ trusty sidekick John Watson! This costume is ideal for any pets used to wearing a collar, as the cloak fastens around the neck. The hat is attached via an elastic strap around the head and under the chin. We love this one on Etsy that’s perfect for cats or smaller dogs.

Etsy, £22.89

Sherlock Holmes Dog Costume

2. Buzz Lightyear

Let your pet travel to infinity and beyond in a costume that’s as out of this world as they are. Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger and toy from Disney’s Toy Story, and the costume lets your pet companion be the bravest adventurer of their dreams. A purple hood fits snugly over your pets head, with cut out holes to leave your pets ears free. The costume comes complete with a chest piece and a pair of wings that attach with straps around the chest and legs. The wings even light up to finish the look! If you have more pets (or humans), you could add other characters for an entire ensemble, like Woody the Sheriff, Jessie or Little Bo-Peep. This one is perfect for medium size dogs. There’s even an option for larger dogs.

Pet Costume Center – Buzz Lightyear, $19.67, Big Dog version, $23.10-$31.84

Buzz Lightyear Dog Costume

3. Harry Potter

For the crafty animal owners among you (and who love a good pun), then, wingardium leviosa, it’s a costume for… Hairy Pawter! Dress your pet in this costume, and they’ll be the best dressed wizard or witch at every pet park. Inspired by the Boy Who Lived, the outfit comprises a red-and-white Gryffindor scarf and a pair of round, black spectacles attached to Harry Potter’s trademark lightning bolt scar. This costume is perfect if your pet likes to have their ears left free, and the scarf can be fastened lower than a collar. This one’s crafty because, yup, you can make it entirely yourself using only a few materials, like felt and ribbon! You could even accompany your pet as a fellow Hogwarts student or teacher, or mix it up, and go as a magical pet companion like a black cat or Fawkes the phoenix.

Tutorial at https://www.instructables.com/Harry-Pawter-Pet-Costume/

4. Batman & Wonder Woman

You don’t need a bat-signal to summon your pet in this costume (although you can if you want to). Make your pet the superhero they know they are by dressing them as Batman this Halloween. This costume features a black and grey suit with the iconic bat symbol emblazoned on the chest, and a strap across your pet’s waist to keep it in place. This costume by Walmart is available in sizes small to extra large, making it perfect for dogs and cats of various sizes. There’s even the option for large dogs to go as a fellow DC comics superhero, Wonder Woman. If you have more than one pet, why not have a superhero duo! You could even buddy up with your pet/s as a sidekick like Robin.

Walmart costumes, each $12.97

Batman and Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Dog Costume

5. Daenary’s Dragons

Mother of Dragons… if you have a whole pack of pet companions and are on a tight budget, why not dress the clan up as dragons from Game of Thrones? This costume is super easy to make — with absolutely NO sewing — and features the most adorable black wings that sit on your pets back and are fastened with straps at the neck and around the waist. You could even re-purpose these for future costumes – there are so many choices! Make this a family affair by accompanying your pets as Daenarys, the mother of dragons.

Here’s the DIY dragon costume tutorial

Rebecca Holland is a writer from the UK. She’s an animal lover with a soft spot for purring cats, especially when she’s reading, and loves nothing more than a good book with animal companions. Check out some of Rebecca’s other work at VelvetOpus.com and connect with her on Instagram and Twitter.

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