Good dog behavior and good dog training go hand-in-hand.

Dogs love shoes… though not the same way humans do. And that can be a big dog behavior problem. Our dogs’ behavioral issues can lead to injury, frustration, and all too often, result in animals being returned to the shelter.

A well-behaved dog doesn’t knock over your grandmother when she comes through the door, counter surf for human goodies, pull on the leash, or bury the remote in the yard. Teaching your dog proper manners not only keeps you sane and your grandmother upright, but also stimulates your dog’s brain, gives her confidence, protects her from harm, and sets her up for a lifetime of success.

Because of their intelligence and desire to please, dogs are highly teachable. With thoughtful, consistent, reward-based training techniques, dedication, and patience, you can transform your pooch from a shoe-chewing devil hound to an angelic best-good-girl who graduated from finishing school. So let’s tackle your dog’s bad habits with some insights from some of our favorite experts and dog trainers.