AKC GoodDog! Helpline Trainer Paisley Lunchick provides some advice on positively working through both of these common problems.

Jumping on people and counters is fun for dogs, but not so much for their owners. There are two good ways to prevent both of these unwanted behaviors: management and training.

Jumping up on People

Management is the first step in any training plan. To manage your dog jumping up on people who enter your home, try installing baby gates to prevent your pup from having access to the front door. This way, you can keep him from jumping up and give him time to calm down before you greet your guests. Using a crate is also effective if your dog has been crate trained. Another option is to keep your dog on a leash when people come over. Pushing a dog off of a person is a natural reaction for some people, but it often turns into a fun game for the dog. Have a friend or family member help you with this next part. Place your dog on leash, and ask him to sit. Keeping your dog on leash allows you to have a little more control if he gets too excited. Have the other person approach you at a slow walk. Repeat this exercise until your dog can stay sitting as the other person approaches. Reward your dog for his efforts — this is hard work! Once your dog can stay in a sit while the other person approaches, you can practice having him stay in a sit while you shake hands with the person or while the person calmly pets him — which is probably what your dog wants anyway! Practice with as many people as possible. The next step will be to practice with your dog on leash as your helper enters through the door. Ask your dog to sit next to you as you open the door. If he stands up or tries to jump, have your guest leave and close the door. Try again, and when your dog is able to sit calmly as the person enters, give him a treat. When he can do that, practice off leash.