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How to Help ALL Cats Live Meaningful Lives with Jamie Gay

Season 1, Episode 4

Do you know the difference between house cats and their feral counterparts? Ever heard of community cats–you, know, the thousands of felines among us who prefer to live outside in colonies with their fellow cat friends–but still rely on our support and care?  Would you know what to do if you came across a litter of outdoor kittens?

On this episode, Jamie Gay–The Director of Operations at Tree House Humane Society in Chicago–gives us an overview of everything you need to know about cats in the sheltering system. From explaining the critical distinctions between cats who live inside with humans and those who live outdoors in colonies, to elaborating on how community cat initiatives–including TNR–Trap/Neuter (or Spay)/ Return and Cat at Work programs–help feral or under-socialized cats live meaningful lives, this episode is imperative for all of us cat aficionados who want to make the world friendlier for these wondrous creatures, right meow.

Meet Our Guest, Jamie Gay!

Jamie Gay is the Director of Operations at Tree House Humane Society. Jamie graduated from Purdue University with a B.S in Animal Sciences. Improving shelter processes, increasing access to care for community cats, and creating a behavioral resource hub are Jamie’s main focuses in her current role.

When she’s not at work, she’s teaching her chihuahuas, Chip and Guppy, how to twirl and dance. She has shared custody of her two cats, Fish and Qwerty. These 4 are just a few of the hundreds of pets that she has fostered over the last decade.

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