Pets, Love, and Leadership

With Tony & Jenny Taylor

Tony and Jenny Taylor are a power couple well on their way to accomplishing their goal of inspiring one million people. As a highly-sought after motivational speaker, Tony is the host of Leaders Lead, the podcast–where he discovers how thought-leaders, influencers, CEOs, and other inspirational humans have transmuted their personal adversity and trauma into purpose and beauty, for themselves and others.

Today, he and his wife and business partner, Jenny, are sharing this collective inspiration and insight with fellow pet parents–talking openly about how deeply they love their dogs; the anguish of pet loss; what leaders think of their pets; and the many ways animals unite us.

Season 1, Episode 2

Meet Our Guests, Tony and Jenny Taylor!

Tony Taylor is a Business leader, Motivational speaker, and the Host of Leaders Lead The Podcast. He has served as a US Marine, and has worked both as a Fire Captain with the Department of Defense and as Corporate Executive.

His leadership seminars mirror the many lessons Tony has garnered during his life’s endeavors. He teaches leading with compassion and obtaining set goals without compromising other people.

As a highly requested Keynote Speaker and leading authority on overcoming adversity and authentic leadership for audiences as large as 10,000. Tony inspires audiences to meet the challenges of the world around them. He highlights the importance of believing in yourself and surviving at all costs!

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About The Podcast

The PETestal–AAPP’s brand new podcast–explores and celebrates the human-animal bond and uncovers the secrets of what makes our relationships with pets so powerful in the first place.

Our profound relationships with our pets are truly astonishing, shaping and enriching our lives in ways we are only beginning to understand and articulate. Join host Courtney Wennerstrom and her guests–including renowned veterinarians, researchers, animal-welfare professionals, and devoted pet parents, just like you–as we explore new theories and studies about how animals keep us healthy, sane, and grounded.

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