Cat injured in wildfire

November 19, 2020 (Chicago, IL) The American Association of Pet Parents (AAPP) is partnering with VIZOOVET™ Eye Solution and QuickDerm™ Fast Acting Topical Ointment to help animals impacted by the wildfires in California. AAPP has accepted a donation of these medications and is organizing an emergency distribution process and donating the medicine (a total of 500 units) in response to the extraordinary need.

This medication will treat pets exposed to fire and smoke, now suffering eye injuries and irritations.

A large amount of the burn medications are being distributed in the northern California area. According to Dave Dickinson, Director of Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation, “Our emergency frontline workers have been facing an extraordinary wildfire season and their lifesaving efforts also include lost and missing family pets and wildlife. It is encouraging to see all of the emergency workers, along with the animal care community coming together and making a difference for the many burned and injured pets and animals. Our trained emergency volunteers, caring local veterinary hospitals and teams of veterinary specialists at UC Davis provide a lifesaving difference for many animals. And it is not just our heroes on the ground, we are also thankful that medical supplies and medications have been donated. We recently received shipments from the AAPP, who have been shipping donations to wildfire locations around the country from their location in Chicago.”

Tom Van Winkle, CEO of AAPP is proud to have industry leaders as partners in this initiative. “We are thankful to Mark Jensen the President of Petnetwork the U.S. distributor of VIZOOVET and Libby Robinson, President of VetCare, Inc., the manufacturer of QuickDerm. Their compassion for the animals in crisis and their generosity made this extraordinary project possible. The real heroes are the men and women on the front lines of these unprecedented wildfires. VetCare, Petnetwork, and AAPP are honored to play a small role behind the scenes in getting important veterinary medication to the front lines.”


The American Association of Pet Parents (AAPP) is an emerging leader in the pet world. It is a national association of pet parents, committed to educating, engaging and supporting the incredible bond between a pet owner and their pet. For information about AAPP, or to set up an interview with Tom Van Winkle, please contact Annie Krug, Brand Integration, AAPP, 630.470.8593,

VetCare, Inc., based in Memphis, TN, manufactures and distributes QuickDerm, a patented wound and skin technology for all animal species. QuickDerm comes in two sizes of ointment, a spray, and an impregnated dressing. QuickDerm is predominantly sold in the Veterinarian channel by the 3 largest national distributors as well as regional providers. The technology behind QuickDerm was first introduced for human health applications for hard-to-heal wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, stasis ulcers as well as burns. QuickDerm provides a moisture-retaining protective barrier that accelerates healing without concern of proud flesh. Whether one uses the ointment, spray, or impregnated dressing, phenomenal results will be achieved on everything from simple abrasions and hot spots to more challenging issues as lick granulomas, wire cuts, degloving injuries or traumatic burns that QuickDerm is currently healing in the western fires. The once-a-day application makes it simple to use and less stressful for the patient, especially in trauma situations! QuickDerm is the product of choice for the U.S. First Responders Association (USFRA) and in the burn kit of the California Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps (CAVMRC). Please visit for more clinical information and case studies.

More About Petnetwork LLC: Veterinary Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist Tested Therapies for pets and animals Our products are Vizoovet Protect – a therapy for KCS proven to increase tear film production, normalize osmolarity and increase tear film breakup time. No side effects no sting. Vizoovet was the ophthalmic product used in the Australian fires this year, for treating thermal and smoke injuries to the eyes of the injured animals. During the California fires that devastated the training facility for Del Mar racetrack in 2018, in the chaos and lifesaving efforts some horses received products that were actually damaging. Please visit, or

For additional information or to purchase a product please contact,, or

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