Courtney’s Corner — The Human-Animal Bond

Courtney’s Corner is dedicated to celebrating and exploring the human-animal bond and its wide array of related topics — from book and film reviews on animal-related topics; to interviews with pet experts, writers, celebrities, and animal welfare professionals; to examinations of cutting-edge research on animal psychology; to sharing compelling, often humorous stories of interspecies connections and escapades; to learning how to better care for our pets’ emotional, intellectual, and health needs — Courtney’s Corner puts the human-animal bond at the center of every conversation. Join Courtney in advocating for and protecting all companion animals, creating pet-friendly communities, and above all,  harnessing the power of the human-animal bond to heal, inspire, and unite us all.

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About Courtney

Courtney Wennerstrom is a writer, animal welfare professional, and proud mom of 3 human and 4 furry children. As a scholar of 18th-century literature and former university lecturer in English, she uses her voice, cultural awareness, and empathy to do everything she can to make the world a saner, more beautiful place for animals and the people who love them. She gets her dogspiriation from her adopted huskies, Sasha and Saint, and plenty of cattitude from Leche and Mojo, her feline sidekicks.

Courtney Wennerstrom and her beloved Kodiac Bear