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We believe in the  profound importance of love, connection, and companionship between pet parents and their pets.

The extraordinary power of the human-animal bond can get you off the couch, kick up your endorphins, calm you when you’re worried, offset depression and make an ordinary moment special. At American Association of Pet Parents (aapp), we are dedicated to providing pet parents with a reliable, easily accessible source of information to assist them with nurturing the bond with their pet companions, including pet behavior, pet health and pet nutrition, from reliable experts, with a goal of helping pet parents nurture the bond with their pet companions and celebrate it within the community of other aapp members.


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Our mission is to keep pets happy, healthy, and in their loving homes, by providing expert, reliable information and resources that protect and celebrate the human-animal bond.

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Exploring the Joy of the Human-Animal Bond

AAPP members receive access to expert, timely information on pet behavior, pet health, and pet nutrition to help keep their pets healthy and happy.

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AAPP has gathered expert advice on how to give you the best chance of quickly finding your lost pet and to help a pet you found get returned to their family.

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