Tom Van Winkle and Freckles

Dear Pet Parents,

In early 2020, just as COVID-19 was getting a tight grip on our lives, Freckles, my 15-year-old American Eskimo mix began having trouble breathing. As someone who has worked in animal welfare for over 20 years, you would think I would know exactly who to call. You would be wrong. I panicked. I couldn’t think what to do or who to call on a Saturday afternoon with all the COVID restrictions, so I did what most would do – I took to the internet to search for an emergency animal hospital. My search turned up hundreds of results because all hospitals help in “emergencies”, but not all are available on a weekend. Fortunately, I was able to reach a good friend who manages a veterinary hospital and was able to recommend where I could get Freckles the fastest help. The hospital was wonderful, but I found out that Freckles’ time as my best friend had come to an end. It was her time to leave me.

As I looked back at my situation, I wondered about people who have behavior, nutritional or other medical questions. What if I had been on vacation with Freckles when this emergency happened? From those questions, the American Association of Pet Parents (aapp) was born, with a mission to:

  • Provide expert information from trusted sources on pet related topics in a way that is easy to navigate,
  • Save pet parents money to help when a pet needs expensive care,
  • Be there for pet parents when they have questions, concerns or just want to share a story about their pet with other pet parents,
  • Be an affordable resource to ALL pet parents, regardless of income level or where they acquired their pet.

I hope you will join our family, use our information and engage with us about your pet(s).
Thank you for visiting our website.

Tom Van Winkle

Founder and CEO
American Association of Pet Parents

Our Goal

The goal of aapp is to help pet parents take excellent care of their pets, despite any obstacles life may throw your way. We offer valuable information and resources on a wide range of topics of interest to all pet parents, including pet behavior and training tips, maintaining the health of you pet, information on pet nutrition, and much more. Visit our website often to hear from experts around the country on how to ensure that you and your animals have many blissful years together.

About our Founder & CEO

Tom Van Winkle

Tom Van Winkle, The Alpha Dog

With a distinguished career in the animal welfare industry, Tom has long had a passion for working with animals. More specifically, he feels deeply for families who are facing financial hardships, health problems, or other unforeseen circumstances that are forcing them to consider re-homing their beloved pets. Tom believes that if we can provide resources–including behavioral, monetary, and social support–to struggling families, we can keep humans and their pets together. It is his mission to honor the profound connections we have with our animal companions and save more lives by keeping pets out of shelters and in their loving homes.